Citizens of certain countries and territories need a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to visit Canada for a temporary purpose such as:

  • tourism,
  • a visit with family or friends, or
  • a business trip.

Temporary Resident Visas are issued for a restricted time period and are subject to various conditions.

Temporary Residents Visa can be issued on either a single entry basis or a multiple-entry basis. In case an Applicant is seeking a multiple-entry visa to Canada, he or she must substantiate such need.

A temporary resident visa is one of the most popular visas to Canada. Unlike an immigration program, a visitor visa might seem an easy endeavour. In truth, getting a TRV is a challenge, as the Canadian government expects you to provide rock-solid evidence that you do not intend to become an illegal immigrant and will return to your home country once your visa expires.

Holders of TRV in most cases are not allowed to engage in employment or studies in Canada without a permit.