Get Canadian Visa Refusal Advice

Visa Refusal Management

Duration: 30-45 days processing time (Depends on provision of information by IRCC)
Delivery Mode: Case file and appraisal report is sent via email. Findings and Review to be delivered virtually by telephone, Skype or Zoom


Visa Refusal Management

This service is for those who have had their application refused for a Canadian Permanent Residence Permit or Temporary Resident Visa.  It enables them know and understand the main reasons why their visa or permanent resident permit was refused by requesting for the officer's case note with regards to their application.

A case file is an immigration record detailing all the information you have provided in your application, the officer’s note and reasons for refusal or approval.

Our Service:

  • Official request of the Immigration Officer's note - Case File.
  • Review/Appraisal of Case File.
  • Detailed Report on reasons for refusal
  • Professional advice on the appropriate steps required to address the issue of concern
  • Your Questions get answered and we advice on the way forward for a re-application/re-consideration