25 Jan 2021 3:40 AM

In recent times, Canada has increasingly become the most sort after education destination for international students.

When you think about security, Canada is one of the safest countries that could provide a parent and student the much needed peace of mind for a child to study abroad and outside of their home country. Canada is also a beautiful place to live and encourages multiculturalism and diversity. This makes it easy for international students to fit perfectly into the country's socio-cultural system and finding Canada a home away from home. 

One of the benefits of studying in Canada is it's incredibly low tuition and living cost compared to other english speaking countries. Despite the low tuition and living expense, Canadian universities are ranked amongst the best institutions in the world and as a place of academic excellence.

Through it's enhanced and friendly immigration policy, the Canadian government has made it possible for international students to gain work experience thereby setting them up on the path to a promising future in Canada.

Enrolment for the Spring (May) and Fall (September) 2021 session is now open for international students. Contact us today and we can assist in enrolling you or your children in any of the Canadian institutions. Aside obtaining your letter of admission from a designated learning institution, we would also assist you with the application process of your study permit and temporary residence visa. 



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